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Ukraine, Dnipro city

Knyazya Yaroslava Mudrogo Street 68


For development of our company we need to have the high quality product . To achieve this goal in our company - we will be helped by Quality Department

Every our ceiling is tested .We check the ceilings for defects and fabric quality. We check not only the main product of our company - suspended ceilings and also check the materials for the printing industry, which we provide our partners

We have a full product quality department and all the materials that we provide to our customers.

In the case of a fabric mistake we will remake it so guickly

It is important for us to know all problems of our company's work. Every week we have The Quality Council where decide all questions

Every week, on Tuesday, " The Quality Council' works about diferrent questions from all departaments and creates the programms for improvement


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If you have something to tell us about our work, where we can get better, please contact us

+38 (067) 230 15 76

All your messages will be read by the quality department, and based on it we will improve our work

It is important t for us hat you get high quality products. Let's get better and stronger together.