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For over 6 years we have the best way not only to make the ceilings for our partners in Ukraine, but also provide them with all materials necessary for the installation of suspended ceilings.

Suspended ceilings

Gloss, this texture has a light mirror effect. It visually raises the height of the ceilings and the space increases. It has many different colours. Matte film the surface texture has a roughness and does not shine. Satin texture is smooth to the touch, shines little bit but does not have an effect of the mirror

Apart from the usual types of suspended ceilings: glossy, matt, satin, our company offers exclusive views of the film, you'll have a special attraction in front of your competitors. For convenience in the work with users of suspended ceilings, we offer not only the standard catalog of colour palette.


Art series

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Photo printing

Recently gaining popularity in the design of interiors photo printing on stretch ceilings. But the fulfillment of this task often puzzles both the end users (customers) and the executors themselves installers. Our company is aware of the difficulties with this direction in the market and takes into account all these subtleties in the work by understandable steps for the realization of the order, and also that it is not important for the quality of the printing that the delivery of the object is as quick and comfortable for our partners.



Without consumables to install suspended ceiling is impossible. Their list is very wide and grow every year. Our company gives our partners the list of tools which is important for comfortable work.

Termorings, lines for pipes, cross-platform, special glue and of course the profile of different types. This and more you will find at attractive prices.


Color insert

Insert white. It is perfect for absolutely kind of profiles. The soft and qualitative plug hides the technological hole perfectly , does not leave any gaps. Masking insert has a lot of colours and shades, and is made of PVC.

Apart from the fact that the insert is a delicate instrument of beauty suspended ceiling, it also increases the check and the profitability of your business. For sales convenience, we have developed a special catalog of colour inserts, that can be said - our novelty.


The spatula for INSTALLATION of Suspended Ceilings

The spatula for installation of suspended ceilings is a weapon of installer. Use a spatula to the final stage, immediately after the profile installation. Spatulas can de different varieties, our company produces for our partners two types of spatulas, small and large.



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