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26 Dec


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  • Information for partners

It has been another year of hard work, and I would like to sum up the year.

Immediately it should be noted that not all of what we planned to do, we’ve got, but in general the year was quite productive for the company.

From the good:

• This year, we have grown in terms of production twice, and in 2015 the company also showed an increase more than doubled.

• Have our website in three languages, so we began to attract customers from different countries, so we become an exporter.

• Ukrainian language catalog – a trifle, but nice. Especially it was perfect for west part of our country.

• Product great film, from the design to the actual implementation of the product took 8 months.

• Replace all the tables in production facilities and sheathed covers equipment that allowed to remove a nasty situation, the paintings of the hole.

• Removed laps on the shaft – thanks to the feedback of our partners.

• Create a video training course for our partners in PullskyPRO program.

This is only part of what we have created and implemented this year, this list is much longer, just a big part of it concerned the internal processes and technologies in the company.

From what we have not finished

• Catalog ART film, it actually in the final stages, but our partners did not get into the hands of what they have been waiting for the last 6 months. Preliminary date of its arrival on the market – mid February 2017 With the release of the directory, we just run the page ART Series Online

• Personal account – we can say with confidence that this ambitious project we have failed this year. A lot of work has been done, there are results, but the product, as such, no. Beta testing is planned for the second half of February.

• Product color inserts – analogues of this product nobody has, we have developed a prototype in the spring, but the production, we have not started. The priorities were a large catalog of films and ART series. Until the spring we promise to please with this tool in the sales of our partners.

I would also like to say that the last few months (October-November), there were problems with sending the product because of the large number of orders and lack of adaptability in the dispatch department. But at the moment, we can say that we have taken the challenge, and furthermore laid the foundation for even greater volumes in the new year.

Besides the fact that it was not done this year, we still have a big list of tasks and challenges for the next year, and new opportunities for growth.

Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas, we wish big dreams, goals, interesting people and events, thanks to all for a bright year.

Pullsky team.


10 Aug
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