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Program of construction

We take care about our dealers. So we understand that our success depends on the success of your business. For this, we have designed for you a program for cutting the stretch ceilings. It will allow you to save your own time and so quickly to show the picture of the ready ceiling. We also offer our dealers a training material for use this program

Functionality of the program:

Program PullskyPROAndroid

PullskyPROAndroid разрабатывалась для телефонов и планшетов, что бы чертежи можно было отсылать на производство электронной почтой прямо с объекта. Android 2.1- минимальная версия

Function "Manytextures"

"Manytextures" is created to combine different colours and textures. With this function, you can automatically calculate the area of different textures on a single canvas, change the position of the seam (waves , zigzags etc.).

Function "Minus ceiling"

"Minus ceiling" function which can be used to do separately the different parts of the first and second level of the ceiling, it helps to measure and write data so quickly

Function "Manually building"

"Manually building" - It helps to do the process of transferring drawings from the sketch (in * .bmp or * .jpeg) into the program. You need to around the contour of the ceiling and write information about the size of the most part. The program will build a drawing and count all the diagonasl and the sides of the web.

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