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Printing for Dealers

For the development we have created a lot of materials - business cards, flyers, ads. You can select models and see our presentation. We also offer very good conditions for printing - you can see our price. Also, you can use our designer 's service - where for you our designers create a layout for your company and with your logo.

Bussines Cards

Imagine the situation: "You meet an old friend, you have not seen him for 10 years. You are speaking with him ... And at the end of the conversation, he took from his pocket a bussines card and gave you ... " You do not have anything to give him ... And so, as the company Pullskay cares about its dealers and understands so well that the business owner (businessman) does not have enough time for the development and production of business cards - we have done it for you.

Printing of business cards 500 pc - from a 94 hrn. (1 000 pc - from a 130 hrn.)


The number of your customers and orders and profits of your business depends on the number of people who know that you are doing your job very well. You need Leaflets! We have taken care about you, and have created them for you.

Printing of leaflets 1000 pc - from a 248 hrn.


We have developed for you ads because we know that the amount of your orders and ours depends on it. When a person wants to install at home a good ceilings, but he does not have enough time to find a company ,which does it, your bright and high-quality ads will help him, and he certainly will call you .

Printing of announcements of А5 1 000 pc - from a 390 hrn.


To order material, which will help you to increase the number of orders - you need to choose from our presentation a layout, which you like, send its number and all the information that you want to have there (phone numbers, e-mail address, surname, first name and Etc. .)

Or call us +38 067 610 34 32 at any time of the day or night. )))

Quality certificates

Nowadaysthe customer becomes more intellegent. And when he buys goods , he looks at the seller so carefully -its shopfront, documents guaranteeing the quality of products, documents about company and he will receive it when purchase.

And for our partners we offer the necessary certificates for the film to provide end customers and the client to have an additional reason to trust Them and to order directly from Them.


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