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Ukraine, Dnipro city

Knyazya Yaroslava Mudrogo Street 68

For Dealers

This is an official offer for cooperation. We: produce ceilings; love our work; give you the opportunity to work with us closely; provide technical support at the beginning of your work; provide FREE software for the calculation and construction of suspended ceilings; provide information support.

You can: become our dealer; attend a professional training; receiving components at a discount scheme ' for dealers - in bulk "; earn good money.

What makes the dealer

Job for official dealers - is a contact with customers. You take the order, smile and install the suspended ceiling with the technical regulations and the desire of the customer. As you can see, everything is simple.

We manufacture canvas for suspended ceilings, provide you all materials in according with the price and promise timely delivery and quality.

Who can be a dealer

Foe us it is not important your age and gender. The main thing in our common cause is the desire to succeed, the active position, and hard working. The lack of experience - is not a problem. Our team will help you get training.


You do not have a fixed salary. In fact, the dealer is owner. Simple calculation: a team of two people for a month work can set up to 500 square meters of ceiling. In average it is 100 thousand hryvnias. You can open a private company for the sale and installation of suspended ceilings with the full support of our company, to improve your skills, using our experience and reputation.

For cooperation we invite individuals, the repair teams and the building companies.

Printing for dealers

One of the important elements of your business is its recognition. Than more people know about what you do and how to contact you - the more customers and orders you will have and profit will increase. For successful prosperity of your business the best designers have developed a range of promotional materials such as business cards, flyers, ads.We can also develop a special design for your company or firm.

Also we can offer you the design and the printing of promotional materials like: catalogs, calendars, corporate folders, A2 format posters, A3, A4 leaflets, A5 and A6, various booklets, stickers and many other things that will help you increase the number of potential customers .


Program of construction

Our company offers to dealers a universal program for the calculation and construction of suspended ceilings. The program allows you to design a suspended ceiling which is made on measurements and immediately see the finished ceiling drawing. Using this program will help to save your time .

The program also helps to build complex ceiling with various cuts, curved arches, incisions. Using the program allows you to load a wide range of textures offered by our company, and also provides the ability to customize the colour palette, which is very convenient for the construction of ceilings.


My Account

Our company is developing a personal account for our dealers. You can make on-line orders, upload drawings ceilings, see at what stage of production are your orders, receive a variety of training material, book printing industry. To plan and manage your business - just enter into your personal account.

Personal account will allow you to know about news and discounts, which the company offers its dealers . Follow the range of textures and consumables. Leave comments and suggestions, which will be immediately processed.